• Mirjalal Kasimov: Applauds should be addressed to players

  • Date: 16.05.2012
  • Next was post-match press conference with “Bunyodkor” manager Mirjalal Kasimov. When he entered to conference hall, everybody was applauding.

    - These applauds should be addressed to players. Boys did well today and I thanked them for today’s performance. The rival was very strong, but we did best and got the win. I also thanked match to our supporters, who also did very well. Supporting gave good spirit to us and it was also important. Our player seemed to be tired, so they asked medical staff assistance very often today. The rival pressured hard, so it was not easy to hold win today. But we did…

    - And now you are to face another Korean side Seongnam Ihwa. What can you say about this team?
    - I know “Ilhwa” took the top position in the group, but is going on the 7th place in Korean League. I have not got much information about the rival, but we still have enough time to find out more about this team and have good preparation.

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