• "Bunyodkor" reseves lost to "Shakhtyor" Karaganda

  • Date: 10.02.2012
  • “Shakhtyor” Karaganda reseves beat “Bunyodkor” reserve team in exhibition match today’s afternoon.

    “BUNYODKOR” – “SHAKHTYOR” (Kazakhstan) 0:2 (0:0)
    Goals: Borantaev 60 (0:1), Boydedaev 62 owngoal (0:2)
    “Bunyodkor”: Ibrokhimov (Mochalov 80), Filiposian, Mirabdullaev, Mandzukas, Boydedaev, Juraev Dilshod, Rahmatullaev, Melziddinov, Rajabov, Pardaev, Murzoev
    “Shakhtyor”: Rigarenko, Soloshenko, Borantaev, Borovskiy, Kuzmin, Dosmanbetov, Lee, Kanis, Khayro, Pikalkin, Tarasov

    “Bunyodkor” and “Shakhtyor” agreed to play two exhibition matches with two squads. Reserve squad match was settled to kick-off first in afternoon. Mirjalol Kasimov let young players in starting line-up for this game.

    “Bunyodkor” had better possession since starting minute – team played most with short passing play. Mirjalol Kasimov team produced very nice football, but couldn’t net a goal. Anyway, “Shakhtar” couldn’t even create a scoring chance and had to play without the ball most of match time.

    During the break “Shakhtyor” coach Viktor Kumikov made several changes in the line-up and it got influence to the game progress. On the 60th minute Karaganda side took a free kick. The shot was not so powerful, but the ball went in after a ricochet. And two minutes later “Bunyodkor” defender Ilkhom Boydedaev kicked the ball into own goal after a cross from the left wing.

    And these curious goals brought the win to “Shakhtyor”, despite “Bunyodkor” had a total advantage.

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