• Two gaols from Bahodir Pardayev

  • Date: 07.02.2012
  • “Bunyodkor” drew the third exhibition in Antalya against “Metallurg” Zaporozhye, who has very good chances to take a place in Ukrainian Premier League in next season.

    “BUNYODKOR” – “METALLURG” (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) 2:2 (2:0)
    Goals: Pardayev Bahodir 30 (2:0), Pardayev Bahodir 43 (2:0), Godoy Junior 49 (2:1), Yan Kovalevsky 86 (2:2)
    “Bunyodkor”: Nesterov Ignatiy, Djordjevic Slavoljub, Gufurov Anvar, Shorahmedov Akmal, Juraev Sakhob, Turaev Latfulla, Kenjisariev Emil, Victor Karpenko, Salomov Shavkat, Pardayev Bahodir, Soliev Anvarjon
    Let in from the bench: Melziddinov Ruslan, Juraev Dilshod
    “Metallurg”: Rudenko Vitaliy, Teiku Adolf, Galinsky Dmitry, Ashraf Muhammad, Shturko Yuriy, Boyko Andrey, Tsurikov Andrey, Pisotsky Evgeniy, Sidorchuk Sergey, Oponasenko Evgeniy, Vetrov Alexander
    Let in from the bench: Belik Alexey, Godoy Junior, Kovalevsky Yan, Nesterov Andrey, Rudoko Sergey

    This match was really hard and both teams produced very nice football since starting till final whistle. It seemed both fans and players enjoyed the performance. 

    Since starting whistle “Bunyodkor” had better possession and played good passing football. Wingers Victor Karpenko and Shavkat Salomov also were very active and strikers’ tandem Pardayev – Soliev were ready to finish an attack with accurate shot. This match showed that Kasimov tactical trainings to take effect.

    Mirjalol Kasimov team surrounded rivals’ penalty area and played many fast attacks. One of them brought a goal for “Bunyodkor” – midfielders’ quartet Salomov – Shorahmedov – Turaev – Kenjisariev took striker Bahodir Pardayev to good position and forward didn’t miss – 1:0.

    Soon “Bunyodkor” netted the second goal. Lutfulla Turaev made good ball to right wing to Victor Karpenko, who made his firm style long ball to the penalty area and “Bunyodkor” striker Bahodir Pardaev jumped over defenders and put the ball in by header.

    In second half “Bunyodkor” was playing in quite different style and many footballers changed their positions and started to play more via long balls, while the rival was trying to do all the best for equalizing. And he met this goal. Godoy Junior regain the first goal on starting minutes of second half and then it was just four minutes to go Junior played very well, took the ball and took Yan Kovalevsky to one on one position. Yan shot straight in – 2:2. By the way, the game was interrupted on the 70 minute because of strong rain. Match was restarted in 7-8 minutes, but it was not so comfortable to play on such muddy field.

    Anyway it was just an exhibition match and the result is not so important. The main goal is to work out new tactics, to improve team play and to have good preparation for coming season.

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