• "Bunyodkor" gets bronze on "Dubai Matchworld Cup 2012"

  • Date: 24.01.2012
  • “Bunyodkor” beat “Shakhtar” Donetsk on penalties and got third place on “Dubai Matchworld Cup 2012”

    “Dubai Matchworld Cup 2012”. 3rd place match.
    «SHAKHTAR» (Donetsk, Ukraine) – «BUNYODKOR» (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) – 1:1 (0:1) 4:5 on penalties
    Goals: Pardayev 18 (0:1), Costa 61 (1:1)
    Penalty shoot-out: 4:5
    0:1 Soliev, 1:1 Srna, 1:2 Karpenko, 2:2 Adriano, 2:3 Juraev, 3:3 Costa, 3:4 Gufurov, 4:4 Mkhitarian, 4:5 Nesterov, 4:5 Rakitskiy (on the crossbar)
    «Bunyodkor» line-up: Nesterov, Shorahmedov, Filiposian, Gafurov, Pardayev (Soliev, 83), Salomov (Rajabov, 49; Mandzukas, 60), Turaev (Melziddinov, 81), Lazgins (Faramola, 45), Mirabdullaev (Juraev, 64), Bulic (Murzoev, 55), Karpenko (c)
    Bench players: Mochalov, Karimov, Boydedaev, Mamajonov
    Yellow cards: Hubschman (89), Shevchuk (90+3)
    Match referee: Fahad Badr (UAE)

    “Shakhtar” got amazing scoring chance on opening minute of the match. Eduardo ran away to one on one position, but Nesterov did amazing save. Mirjalol Kasimov side seemed to be more nervous than the rival. They found their play in the middle of the half.

    On 16 minute Lazgins made terrific run into the penalty area, but defender cleaned it away for a corner. And one minute later “Bunyodkor” took the lead. Lutfulla Turaev made good cross to the goalkeeper area and Bahodir Pardaev jumped over defenders and got the ball in by header – 1:0!

    On 26 minute Akamal Shorahmedov produced great run on the right wing, but failed to do good pass to teammates. But next minute Karpenko showed how real masters do such crosses, Pardayev played well in six-yard area again, but this time Bogdan Shust completed to took the ball confidently.

    “Shakhtar” took an advantage on 30 minute. Ukrainian side had several good chances, but Nesteriov produced great skills twice – on 33 and 35 minutes. It was 6 minutes to go then “Bunyodkor” have amazing chance to increase the lead – Karpenko made amazing pass, but Belic shot went just little wide. 

    On finishing minutes of the first half Evgeniy Selenzev missed two got chances – both his header went just over the bar. And at last Ukrainians captain Dario Srna missed very good chance to equalize and teams went for the break with 1-0 score to “Bunyodkor”.

    Mirjalol Kasimov team had very confident start and good possession on the opening minutes of second half, but soon Donetsk side took the game under control. Nesterov made great save after Costa shot from 20 meter distance, but even his skills laced against Costa’s unbelievable shot from almost null angle straight in the net – 1:1. On 69 minute Genrikh Mkhitarian had good chance to bring the lead to “Shakhtar”, but this time ball went wide.

    “Bunyodkor” captain Victor Karpenko gave powerful and dangerous shot after Murzoev with Shorahmedov produced very good pressing and took the ball from the opponent. 

    On last minute Soliev missed brilliant chance to bring late win to “Bunyodkor”, but shot high and wide from one on one position. Last minute free-kick also brough nothing for Mirjalol Kasimov side and match had to be decided on penalties.

    “Dubai Matchworld Cup 2012”. Four opening shoot-outs was taken with no mistake. Keeper Nesterov came to take the final penalty and got the ball in the opposite corner of the keeper. And for “Shakhtar” Yaroslav Rakitsky gave very powerful shot, but the the ball kicked of the bar and came back to the field. It meant “Bunyodkor” won 5-4 on penalties and got the third place.

    Unfortunately, Uzbek Olympics failed to resist Russian champions “Zenit” Petersburg. Final match ended in 5-0 score to Luciano Spaleti side, who got “Dubai Matchworld Cup 2012” Trophy.

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